Jetboil Sol Ti vs. Alcohol Stoves

The staff of Badass Outdoors tests the argument over Canister Stoves and Alcohol Stoves. We explore Burn Time, Boil Time, Weight, Evolution, and more!

Coppermine Trail

Badass Outdoors staff adventure up the Coppermine Trail to Bridal Veil Falls in New Hampshire’s Northcountry.

Pemi Wilderness

What better way to interview a potential Gear Shop employee than to travel through the Pemigewasset Wilderness with them?  Our new store manager, Jim, proved to be a highly capable wilderness wanderer.  He lead me up and over Zealand Mountain, Guyot, West Bond, Mount Bond, and Bondcliff.  He knew the woods, interpreted the trail, read the weather, and lead like a leader.  We tested bunches of new product while we were out and have included some of our reviews in the above video.  Thanks for watching!!  Come on down to the shop with any outfitting or trip planning questions you may have!!  Cheers!!  -The Badass Outdoors Gear Shop

13 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just stopped in the Gear Shop for the first time, and was impressed. I love going into a gear shop and having a shared passion for enjoying the outdoors come before someone trying to sell me something. and I will be back on payday!

  2. Had another great weekend camping out useing the gear we got at your shop looking forward to the next weekend outing. Thanks for the great gear!!!!

  3. Hi Matthew,
    I want to thank you for showing us the advantages of wearing Chaco sandals. My wife Elaine and I bought a couple of pairs from you last Wednesday and we’ve been wearing them ever since. It was great to meet you. Please put us on your mailing list.

  4. I stopped into the shop this afternoon. As an uber-newbie, it was nice to hear the encouragement that you offered. You gained a loyal customer today.

  5. What a great shop! Thanks for providing the outdoor community with the best equipment and the knowledge and wisdom to back it all up. And a big thanks Matt for finally ending my search for the “perfect pants”, the Fjallraven trousers are amazing!

  6. Awesome video! I was wondering if you would tell me the name of the pack as well as the manufacturer. I’ve tried without success to google what I thought I heard you saying haha. Cheers!

    1. That particular pack, my new favorite pack of all time, is the Kajka 75 from Fjall Raven. Our online store is still under construction, but we would be very happy to ship one out to you from our store inventory. Thank you for visiting our site.

    1. The White Mountains are worth the trip and we would be happy to outfit you and answer any questions you may have by email or by phone.

  7. Dude nice job on video of us riding Tuesday, you guys were best big group I ever had. I’ve told a few people about your shop and hopefully they get in there. Let me know if you want anymore awesome times on snowmobiles.

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